Pigment of Your Imagination

A new perspective to colour

Hello and welcome!

Hello colourful world,


My name is Annalise and I am a Colour Psychology Consultant and Graphic Designer. Welcome to my colour blog‘ Pigment of Your Imagination’ where I plan to explore all things colour related.

Everyone, as babies, learnt to respond to colour and shape way before we truly learnt words. We all have an innate, basic understanding of colour language but as years pass we apply less and less priority to it than it truly deserves.

With this blog I want to get people thinking and understanding more about colour, and finding a new love for it, rather than being scared of it when shopping.


This is why I will look to explore colour and its many different facets:                                          

·      The science behind colour and how we see it.

·      The psychology of colour of how we ‘read’, respond and connect to colour.

·      How colour can be used to reflect our innate personality.


·      Analysing how colour is used within modern day culture such as design, fashion, beauty, company branding and more. Whatever takes my fancy really.

I am also always open to questions by all of you, for subjects that I can explore.

So where to start? The best place is no doubt with the basics. What is colour? And how do we see it?


Next post coming soon.