Pigment of Your Imagination

A new perspective to colour

How do we see colour?

Hi all, 

So I've been thinking for some time (while I was trying to plan out a few ideas for this blog) that I didn't want to dive straight into my explorations of colour psychology but to instead take you guys through a journey of colour. This is why, as mentioned in my last post, I wanted to start with some of the science of 'How Do We See Colour?' but just like other more creative children, rather than scientific,  I wasn't always the greatest or most interested in science. It always felt, at the time, a little bit boring in comparison to my favourite subjects of Art, Textiles and English. 

Sooo.. I've been working flat out the past few days trying to design a fun, playful way to teach you some of the basics of colour science. I hope it makes it a little clearer for you all. To be honest, if my physics text books were like this back in the day then maybe I would have remembered a lot more of it. Let me know your thoughts on how it has turned out, because I'd love to learn from you guys what works and what doesn't!

As you can see I've gone with quite a risky colour palette, which may appear slightly different on different screen (especially phones), so if you feel like your eyes are drowning in pigment then I do apologise. 

But all in all I hope you enjoy and maybe learn something along the way.

All the designs I create for this blog will be collected together on my Behance and my Pinterest, so keep an eye on these if you'd rather just look at pretty things than read stuff.

Love A