We learnt to read colour before we learnt to read words, now let me help you make sure you are speaking clearly with colour.


Colour is its own language, when harmonised appropriately it creates its own cohesion with the person, brand or demographic. It provides an alignment and authenticity with the people it is connected to.

The process of a personal colour consultation not only gets you feeling great, confident and more attractive but can also be quite healing psychologically. This is because Annalise uses colour to work with people on deeper levels through positive explorations.

Colour in branding and commercial design is most often the first thing that is 'read' within marketing and branding. Blue can simply mean intellect, red a call to action or yellow optimistic. However, this can be taken further using The Colour Affects System to analyse the tonal qualities of a hue to link to different types of personalities. When harmonised correctly a brand or product can look authentic, trustworthy and even luxury. When colours are unharmonious they can create a confused message and will cheapen the product quicker than the time it takes to read the marketing. Speaking correctly with colour means that targeted demographics read it intuitively.

Colour Psychology is based around The Colour Affects System of four archetypal personalities / palettes. Colour charts and reports are based on the personality, style preferences and physical appearances. Selecting appropriate and individualised colours / palettes because of their innate psychological effects and qualities.

See further below for some initial insights into the four archetypal personalities of — 


How I can help you reconnect to your authentic self?

Colour Consultation

Have you wondered whether you project the true you in how you dress? Struggled to judge what colours really suit you? Found that clothes you'd bought still don't seem 'quite right' but with no understanding as to why?

A personal colour consultation will help you solve these problems and will harmonise your wardrobe with your personality. Colour can also work on a deep healing basis (if you open yourself to the opportunity) and can help you identify the true you.

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Conscious Branding

Are you portraying the correct values for your brand? Or connecting properly with your demographic? Colour tells more about a company subconsciously than any other design / aspect of branding.

A corporate colour consultation where Authenticity can identify an archetypal alignment that can be applied to your branding to better connect with your mission and create more meaningful relationships with your demographic or target market. 

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Mindfulness Guide

Authenticity comes from a state of mind, heart and being and not just the colours you wear and style you adopt. Authenticity comes from exploring who you are as a living entity, finding self-insight through meditation and discovering your souls purpose. 

Authenticity can provide one-to-one advice and coaching and is currently developing tools and products to help you discover how to listen and act on your deep intuition yourself.


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Keep scrolling to learn more about the four different personality archetypes used in The Colour Affects System.


Playful, Social, Adaptive, Visionary & Youthful.


Spring personalities are fun, playful sorts who love to surround themselves with people and actively seek new experiences. They are visionary and adaptive making them quick to find solutions and help others when in need. 



Classic, Reliable, Structured, Romantic & Feels Deeply.


Summer personalities have a never ending timelessness, created through a mix of poise, romanticism and pragmatism. They are reliable and structured in how they execute tasks. They are also exceedingly nurturing due to feeling very deeply for others, although they may not show it openly.



Unique, Explorers, Trustworthy, Creative, Energetic & Warm.


Autumn personalities are fascinated with the world around them, always wanting to discover more. They can be creative, loving, loyal and intense as they strive for truth and authenticity.



Strong, Stoic, Self-assured & Contemporary.


Winter personalities are strong and intense. They love all things contemporary and are often hard working enough to get what they desire. They command respect easily, which makes them natural leaders.



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